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ASIC Accredited 2019 - 2023

Who Are We?

Medad International Kindergarten believes that children are the most precious treasure of a community. We engage and involve parents/guardians in their children’s earliest stages of their educational journey, taking into consideration the need to develop their curiosity and interest by a highly skilled team of educators.

Relying on a balanced educational curriculum that expands the child’s horizons. Our curriculum, activities, and daily experiences help in setting a strong foundation in Arabic, English as well as Mathematics, Science, and a wide variety of skills.

We promise to work with you as a vital partner in the discovery and refinement of your child’s individual talent and abilities in a positive, stimulating and supportive environment utilizing our quality resources and facilities.

To raise a creative child who preserves values and traditions and devotes himself to his country.
We seek to develop an attractive learning environment, which depends on a balanced curriculum, written in both Arabic and English. And using a specialised knowledgeable team; who employs modern communication techniques and developed learning strategies, including enjoyable activities, which enhance patriotism and deepen authentic values.
  • Honesty: to raise the child by the value of honesty and enhance it.
  • Responsibility: to let the child get used to doing their duties and tasks on their own and be disciplined.
  • Citizenship: to let the child acquire the values of love of the homeland, affiliation, and loyalty.
  • Sharing: to build up and strengthen the values of cooperation and altruism.
  • Creativity: to highlight and enhance the child’s creativity, artistry and other multiple skills.
  • Provide the child with life skills by training him to take responsibility and evaluate his needs.
  • Raise the child's efficiency through play, entertainment, and feeling harmonious with his peers.
  • Develop the child’s basic skills (language, writing, listening).
  • Create the appropriate and stimulating environment that develops the child’s imagination, and expands his perceptions.
  • Consolidation of national, religious and moral values.

Educational System

Medad International Kindergarten offers bilingual education through its application of an international British curriculum as well as a curriculum for Arabic and Islamic studies with a focus on strengthening national values, in addition to further enriching curricula and quality activities in a safe, healthy educational environment.

Offered Subjects

All subjects incorporate: Fun Education, Islamic Values, and Developmental Skills.

Academic Objective

Our kindergarten’s early year academic program was carefully prepared to obtain the child’s interest, curiosity, and motivate education in a fun learning experience. Leading the child to successfully fulfil his/her requirements to proceed to the primary level of education.

  • Develop emotional and social skills; gross & fine motor skills; cognitive skills and self-awareness in each child.
  • Incorporate developing skills within the Academic sector throughcore lessons.
  • Activity work and class participation ensure confidence and self-reliance on our young explorers.

Our goal in Medad International Kindergarten is to thrive and flourish in a fun, loving and in an amazing experience approach in education through the basic subjects’ requirements within the developmental stages…

  • Teaching is based on the ability and the understanding of each student; to develop their curiosity and interest.
  • Teachers understand the weaknesses and strength of the child, work at their own capability, and then gradually bring it to the class pace to achieve gradelevel expectation.
  • Each student has their own individual approach and pace to move forward in their general knowledge skills.
  • Every child has the potential to achieve high expectation with proper guidance and care.

"“Fostering learning for lifetime success…”"

Programs and Activities

Academic and developmental programs and activities have been integrated to enhance the learning process, enrich the curriculums and diversify personal persuasive and influential tools to sharpen and develop children’s personalities.

“Learning through encouraging their natural curiosity.”

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Al Wakrah, Qatar

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